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Cecilia Ibru - Philanthropist and financial executive

Aiming for Success: Cecilia Ibru and Books that Motivate


Children are the future, and the future belongs to our children. For this reason, Cecilia Ibru dedicates herself to empowering today’s young people and preparing them for success in tomorrow’s world. Through her efforts as both a noted philanthropist and business leader, Cecilia Ibru brings education to children throughout Nigeria, and introduces entrepreneurial spirit to youth and young adults who seek a path to independence and productivity for themselves and their communities.

During her career, Cecilia Ibru has come across a great number of books about helping children and adults succeed in life and in business. On this website, she shares some of her most highly-recommended readings to help others uncover these secrets for themselves and for the children in their lives.

Helping Children Succeed

Much has been written about helping children succeed in school and in life. On this website, Cecilia Ibru highlights many of these works.

Astute readers of these materials will quickly discover that there is no single philosophy to “correctly” help a child succeed. Instead, Cecilia Ibru’s reading list represents a broad range of approaches and attitudes that, together, make it more likely that a child will gain the intellectual flexibility and spiritual strength to become an independent and productive member of society.

The route to a child’s success depends largely upon the guidance the adults in his or her life can provide. There are many facets to a child’s learning, all of which are explored in Cecilia Ibru’s reading recommendations. Just a few of the most basic approaches that parents and teachers can take to ensure a child’s future success are presented very briefly here, as a simple introduction:

– Encourage reading to develop literacy skills and stimulate an interest in communication.

– Connect school work to the real world to promote curiosity and critical thinking.

– Encourage responsibility so that children learn the basics of leadership early on.

– Teach life skills and a healthy lifestyle to promote well-rounded development.

Of course, there is much, much more to the equation than these few limited suggestions. This website outlines Cecilia Ibru’s recommended reading on the subject, and is intended to introduce visitors to literature that will inform parents, teachers, and other influential adults in a child’s life.

Continuing on the Path to Success

As children mature into young adults, their education does not end. Some youth are best served by pursuing university studies, via opportunities such as scholarships or preparatory programs through Cecilia Ibru’s Foundation or other similar institutions. Other young people are more attuned to vocational learning programs, apprenticeships, and similar skills development arrangements.

Regardless of their unique talents and abilities, however, all youth possess an innate capacity to succeed in life and career if provided with the proper encouragement and guidance. The key to fostering an interest in further education, skills-building, and entrepreneurship lies in helping these young people learn good habits early in life.

Many of the readings presented here by Cecilia Ibru investigate the qualities that are shared by some of the world’s most successful leaders. When a youth’s mentors and parents understand these qualities, they can more effectively guide the young person toward exercising the habits of discipline, curiosity, flexibility, and self-sufficiency that ultimately lead to success in school, enterprise, and family.

Sharing Success

Most importantly, as young people learn and experience their own successes, their positive influence affects their own families and elevates their communities. Cecilia Ibru is a shining example of this phenomenon, as she has leveraged her own talents into a highly successful career and family life, and spread her successes to others through her philanthropic work. By utilizing the knowledge in the readings presented on this website, other parents and mentors can strive to do the same for themselves, their children, and their communities.


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